Robotics should be easier. Researchers, educators and developers need access to high quality robot platforms. Most platforms available today are too expensive, poorly supported and closed source - at Botnuvo, we’ve set out to change that. Today we are unveiling our first product, a mobile robot designed for researchers, educators, and developers. We think you’re going to be very excited about Velocity.

Velocity has a powerful Intel-based PC inside, making it easy to run the latest and greatest robotics code. All Velocity robots include a high quality and robust laser range finder. Velocity uses highly efficient brushless hub motors for propulsion.

Velocity is designed with your lab space in mind. The robot platform weighs only 30 pounds (15kg), making it easy to move around from lab to lab or take on the road to demonstrate your latest research. The robot is small and light enough to ship through regular channels, avoiding the hassle and cost of freight deliveries.

Velocity supports the open source Robot Operating System (ROS). While ROS is now available on a number of robot platforms, Velocity’s ROS drivers will be entirely open source!

Velocity is available in two configurations: Velocity and Velocity+. Our Velocity+ model sports a longer-range laser and additional compute power, enabling operation at higher speeds and in larger environments. The Velocity base model is designed as a lower-cost option, primarily intended for classroom use. The full specifications are posted on our Velocity page.

Later this month, we’ll be exhibiting at ROScon and IROS in Macau, so stop by if you want to see Velocity in person. Velocity will begin shipping at the end of this year - reach out to us now if you want to be one of the first to get your hands on a Velocity.